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Redesigning the tab switching experience on chrome mobile

About project

I decided to explore solving a problem on Chrome Mobile Browser. As it is one of the digital products I use daily I already experienced some painpoints but wasn’t sure if other users have a similar experience so I sort to validate this by checking reviews for the app on the Playstore.


UX Designer • Research and Visual Design


Improve the experience of billions of chrome mobile users

The Challenge

I headed to Google Playstore to gain insights on what users of the browser complain about and one that resonated with many users were complaints about switching tabs. I further investigated this problem by interviewing some users, gathering more reviews and documenting issues I have experienced myself.

Storyboarding the challenge

In order to clearly understand the challenge I visually represented it using a storyboard capturing emotions a user feels when experiencing painpoints.


Storyboard highlighting the main issue with switching tabs

Review from users

There are thousands of reviews about the Chrome Mobile app on the Playstore with users sharing what they dislike about the tab switching experience.


Reviews from users on the Playstore

Insights from interviewing users

I spoke with some users of the chrome mobile app and got some valuable feedback on how they interact with the chrome switching feature.


Insights from interviews

Deep dive into the current design


Problems with the UI annotated

The challenge defined

Difficulty in finding previously opened tabs

No affordance in helping users recover from errors

Exploring solutions

I started out exploring solutions by defining how might we questions based on the challenge defined, this questions guided the ideation process and helped to validate the ideas on a preliminary basis.

These questions were;

How might we allow users easily find/identify open tabs?

How might we design for errors while switching/closing tabs?

Armed with insights and how might we questions, I got started visually representing ideas and validated the sketches using set interface heuristics.


Rough sketches of ideas

Deep dive into the solution


Annotating improvements to the UI

Validating the solution

I shared the prototype with the same users I intervied previously and got their feedback on the new solution.


Feedback from users after interacting with the new solution

Video prototype of the redesign

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